First regional directors' meeting was held in Varna city

               On 20th and 21th November was held the first  meeting of directors, representing the schools  included in the project "Every student will be a winner".  The event was for the schools from  the North-Eastern and South-Eastern regions of Bulgaria. Diana Yakimova and Petar Malinov, both regional coordinators, led the session during the two days.

                The participants were divided into 5 groups to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Student parliaments, Parental clubs, Student mentors and  exchange visits among the schools. The last one revised the causes and dispositions in the individual cases of students at risk.


                  The director of  the Primary school in Kitantchevo village Sevim Musa says: "The positive side of having Student parliament is organizing donation actions."

                Another positive feedback is from the director of the Primary school in Strazhets village: "My students from the Student parliament already study in another schools, but they remain very helpful for me. They are the relation with the original school."

                The topics of the next two session were about the  activities and accounting of the small grants by the project and the possibilities of additional funding by the Operational Programme "Science and Education for Smart Growth. Also, the directors analyzed the received feedback from the active parents and they intended to prolong the investigation in other schools.

                The consecutive session was about the "Together we are better in school" initiative, which is under the patronage of Her Highness Margarita Popova, Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Taking part in the initiative is a good tool for the school to become more distinguishable and to create relations with other institutions, such as embassies and so on.

                At the end of the meeting, the participants talked about the organization of regional festivals "Open Heart". This is a good preposition for the schools, which are not yet members of the Center "Amalipe" 's net, to attend it. The representatives of the school expressed hope for future useful collaboration and good results.